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30 DAYS OF to doing what it takes to get known as an expert and start becoming a truly magnetic brand


Lifetime access to The Know Like Trust Challenge private audio feed (subscribe from my favourite podcast app!)

Epic Challenge Playbook with choose-your-own-adventure style action plan, Brand-Building Bingo, plus pages of valuable advice, prompts + frameworks. 

Private Slack community exclusive to challenge takers for accountability, networking + collab opportunities

Bribery Priceless external accountability - earn points for participation and cash them in for major prize entries, credit to spend on MBCo courses and private coaching sessions with Kat

BONUS: Magnetic Habit Tracker Airtable Hub for tracking your Challenge activity + celebrating your wins

BONUS: Magnetic P(r)ep Talks - 5 guided meditations to unlock your magnetism for the most challenging brand-building activities from content creation to pitching

BONUS: "Ain't Got Time For Dat" Canva Pack with minimalist social media templates designed to make your message the hero so you can avoid design rabbit holes and get your content OUT THERE


On a mission to build a personal brand but feeling completely stuck in content creation overwhelm, sucked down comparisonitis scroll holes and "I'd better not do anything if I can't do it perfect"?
You and I both know that this ain't a fun place to be in -- and doing more of the same isn't going to break the cycle. 

 Because strategy's great, but it's only 20% of the work. The remaining 80% is about YOU. Owning your brilliance and taking messy, imperfect action, consistently. 

 Imagine if you could... 

 → stop agonising over what you can do to stand out, and start standing out just by being you... 

 → stop leaning on templates and scripts and have the confidence to do things your way 

→ stop feeling the need to hoard certifications and other ways to "prove" your credibility and finally realise you already have SO much value to share. 

→ stop worrying about what anyone else is doing because you realised you have no competition 
I created The Know Like Trust Challenge to help you start doing what it takes to experience just that.
Here's how it goes down:
  Daily inner work to help you own your expertise, lean into what makes you different and build trust with yourself to show up and do things your way. 

 ️ Daily outer work to help you show up strategically and share your brilliance so you build know, like and trust with your audience. 

  Designed in a way to help remove the friction, resistance and over-thinking that keeps you from taking consistent action -- action that leads to confidence, clarity, visibility, momentum... 

So you can wake up each day knowing that all you need to do is take one step, and that step will get you closer to living the life you've been dreaming about.
I created this challenge because after working with countless clients during my 8 years as a personal branding coach, brand strategist + copywriter, something became very clear to me:

The biggest obstacle getting in the way of you being known as the go-to expert in your niche isn't because your Instagram grid is a bit of a mess or because you don't have a sexy website. 

It's that your own doubts about your value...  
...your fear of showing up as your brilliant, quirky + imperfect self 
...your struggle to just tell people what you do in a way they really *get* 
 ...get you all up in your head, riddled with imposter syndrome and overwhelmed about where to start

Which of course leads to taking very little action - let alone consistent action - and that is what keeps you feeling like your industry's best kept secret.

This challenge is here to break that cycle of over-thinking, perf-crastination (procrastination caused by perfectionism) and overwhelm by giving you 30 days worth of guided, strategic and yet impossible to mess up prompts that'll get you out of your head and back in front of your audience. You know - those people who actually need your help and would be prepared to pay for it if only they knew you existed?

So if you're ready to get known, like and trusted as the expert we both know you are, get your butt inside the challenge ↓
It was time for me to take my business to the next level, perfectionism had set in and I was stuck, completely unable to move forward. I had overthought everything to such an extent, it felt like my brain was on fire. Not only did Kat help to create some kick-ass messaging and a plan to roll it out, but she helped me to remove the blocks that were preventing me from moving forward, shifted my entire mindset to get me back into the creative space I needed to be.
Business Mentor
I've been invited to speak at the United Nations, about building teams and motivating teams. I've been invited to LinkedIn to do courses on their platform. And I honestly believe it's because of my recognizable brand. People are always like "Oh, that's Mak!" - they know my brand. It's what you taught me about infusing my personality, infusing who I am into my brand. Which is why it's so recognizable. And so it draws the right people. 
Leadership Coach
  • When does the challenge start?
    The Challenge is self-paced meaning you can begin whenever you'd like, however since this is a pre-sale, the content won't be live until August 1st (2nd if you're on the southern hemisphere!) -- you'll get an email with access to everything once it's ready!
  • What's the full price and when does it go up?
    The regular price of the challenge will be $97 USD. The pre-sale will end on Friday July 29th so if you want to nab a bargain, now's your chance!
  • How does the audio feed work?
    You'll be given your very own secret link that will allow you to subscribe to the challenge audio feed on your podcast player of choice and each day a new "episode" will drop containing a bite-sized lesson plus your challenge prompt.

    All of the episodes will be transcribed so you can consume written versions if needed or preferred, plus your challenge workbook will provide extra guidance to walk you through your daily action item.
  • Do I get lifetime access?
    You'll have access to the audio feed for as long as the challenge exists and if we ever choose to retire it, you'll be given 90 days notice and the ability to download the files to keep -- so yes, lifetime access is yours!
  • What's a Slack community?
    Slack is a fantastic messaging app that you can join for free and access from your phone or desktop. A dedicated community has been created for challenge takers to provide accountability, encouragement and even a space to network and collaborate with fellow Know Like Trusters (which may or may not come in handy with some of the challenge prompts!)
  • I have more questions you didn't answer!
    No worries. Shoot me (Kat) an email on or a DM on Instagram (@iamkatelizabeth) and I'm more than happy to answer it/them!

I can tell you that scrolling further down this page isn't gonna get you any closer to building a magnetic personal brand. But you know what might? Mmhmm. THE CHALLENGE! And if you think the accountability + tough love on this checkout page is impressive, wait 'til you have the challenge in your earbuds. You ain't seen heard nothing yet ;)